Shostakovich - Complete Piano Chamber Music

Shostakovich's piano chamber music, offered on two evenings, presents a great challenge to approach his personality. Highlights will be thrown on a composer of the past century who like very few others stood in the centre of continuous attempts to exploit him politically. A timid and nervous artist, who is nevertheless capable of presenting to Stalin, instead of a pompous ninth symphony as desired by the despot, a delicate chamber music sinfonietta.
The music of Shostakovich was a mirror of and comment on political and social circumstances, yet at the same time a kind of an island within and and refuge from political reality. With no other composer in the history of music, biography and composition are as closely interconnected in as fascinating a way as with Shostakovich. Clemens Zeilinger comments the programme with selections from the memoirs of Shostakovich as well as with quotations from the dictator Stalin, whom Shostakovich wished to defy with his compositions.


Piano Trio C minor op. 8 (1923)

Sonata for Cello und Piano D minor op.40 (1934)

Piano Quintet G minor op.57 (1940)

Piano Trio E minor op. 67 (1944)

Romance Suite for Soprano and Piano Trio to words by Alexander Blok op. 127 (1967)

Sonata for Violin und Piano op.134 (1968)