Beethoven „Trio-logie“

Das Gesamtwerk der Klaviertrios an drei Abenden

Unser Namenspatron ist für uns nicht nur Verpflichtung, sondern vor allem Inspiration:

So ist es doch Luxus, das musikalische Genre des Klaviertrios auf Beethovens Spuren durchpflügen zu können. Sein kompositorisches Coming-Out, seine erste ernst zu nehmende Veröffentlichung sind gleich drei bahnbrechende Werke der Trio-Literatur – die drei Trios Opus 1, jedes davon in symphonischer Länge. Hier stellt der frisch in Wien angekommene „kompositorische Noch-Jungspund“  Beethoven klar, dass ab nun andere Maßstäbe in der Kammermusik gelten werden.

Beethoven for Children

"The Wild Ludwig" - a tribute to the composer Ludwig van Beethoven for children of up to 10 years, and for many an adult as well

Performers: TrioVanBeethoven and Martin Schwanda, narrator

Folksong Arrangements by Haydn and Beethoven

The arrangement of folk songs take up a surprisingly important place in the work of Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). Between 1792 and 1804, Haydn wrote more than 400 arrangements (for soprano, tenor, violin, piano and cello) of Scottish and Welsh folk songs ordered by three Scottish publishers, William Napier, George Thomson and William Whyte. They are part of the period of Haydn’s late compositions, close in time to the oratorios “The Creation” and “The Seasons”, to the great masses and the last string quartets.

Shostakovich - Complete Piano Chamber Music

Shostakovich's piano chamber music, offered on two evenings, presents a great challenge to approach his personality. Highlights will be thrown on a composer of the past century who like very few others stood in the centre of continuous attempts to exploit him politically. A timid and nervous artist, who is nevertheless capable of presenting to Stalin, instead of a pompous ninth symphony as desired by the despot, a delicate chamber music sinfonietta.